2010 Cloud Computing Congress Europe
A Look Back

For several years this was the official site for the Cloud Computing Congress Europe. The show was eventually incorporated into SMWF and Apps World Series.
Content is from the 2010 show, Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing, which was held from March 15-16 in Olympia, London.


  • Establish and Develop a strong partnership program
  • Exchange information on innovative Cloud Technologies
  • Hear what leading Cloud Computing Providers have to say
  • How can Cloud Computing benefit your business, from a small start up to a leading brand
  • Meet and network with End users, IT professionals, Leading IT providers and vendors
  • What are the risks of entering ‘The Cloud’
  • Leverage competitive advantage from our other conference stream: Social Media World Forum, Social TV, Mobile Social Media & Enterprise
  • Listen and get an insight to future of Cloud


Show highlights include:

  • 2 days of free workshops and exhibitions over 15th/16th March, 1 day Cloud Conference on 16th March
  • Building partnerships in the Cloud ecosystem: Free exhibition and workshops designed to build partnerships between systems integrators, application providers, OEM partners, distributors, and service providers.
  • Designed for the CIO and IT manager the Cloud Computing Congress event & conference examines SaaS, PaaS, software the technical challenges, and how to the applications outlined in Enterprise Social Media can be controlled and managed in the Cloud?
  • A practical guide on cloud computing for your business - how your business can benefit, the value proposition, and the impact on the IT function
  • Building and managing applications in the cloud - how to manage and control applications and resources in the cloud environment? Learn from key cloud computing deployments - their successes and failures?
  • Learn from key cloud computing deployments - their successes and failures, and how far the market has come so far?
  • Two days of free to attend workshops at the show, focusing on building strategic industry alliances, partnerships, etc – workshops currently include Microsoft (Azure), Rackspace, CA, Netbiscuits, Informatica, GenieDB any many more... We  have also partnered with CloudStorm, a European Cloud Summit, presented by Cloud Solutions Providers covering the latest trends and products in Cloud Computing     
  • Examine the current state of the market - from CIO's and cloud vendors - to understanding the clear ROI that cloud services provide?
  • Free to attend exhibition passes available with workshops - click here to attend
  • To book at a place on the Cloud Computing Congress or Enterprise Social Media event - click here , or call the booking line on +44 (0) 117 946 8876
  • bullet1 Co-located conference streams include:Social Media World Forum, Enterprise Social Media, Social TV, Mobile Social Media.



Mobile Social Media Conference - Examining Social Widgets, Application Stores and Mobile Social Networking


Mobile Social Media (www.mobilesocial-networking.com) taking place at Olympia on the 15th March will focus on the latest developments being made in Social Media and mobile devices.

Topics being addressed are: How far has the Mobile Social Networking market come in the last year? Mobile Internet and Social Networks - a perfect marriage, Monetising your mobile offering and Mobile multimedia 2.0: Developing the ultimate handset.

Key Speakers include:
• Mark Watts-Jones, Head of Development & Innovation, Orange UK
• Shaun Gregory, Managing Director, O2, Media Business
• Yoel Flohr, Head of Mobile, Bebo
• Angel Gambino, Vice President, Sonico
• Bob Rapp, Head, User Communities, Vodafone Group
• Peter Ward, Co-founder & CEO, WAYN
• Cian O'Sullivan, Editor in Chief, GoMo News
• Claudio Venezia, Researcher, Telecom Italia
• Matt Dicks, CMO, Flirtomatic

Co-hosted alongside this conference will be an exhibition with representatives from leading players from Mobile, Social Media, Broadcast and Telecoms. This will cover all aspects of Social Media on mobile and shows the diversity of the industry. The exhibition will also feature a series of free workshops that will add additional content to people attending the exhibition. Workshops will be run by Facebook Developers Garage, Social Media UK, RealWire and the DMA and NMA

The Mobile Social Media conference will be held in conjunction with the Social Media World Forum 2010 (www.socialmedia-forum.com). This is a leading Social Media event that brings together all facets of industry connected to Social Media featuring 4 conference streams, Social Media (www.socialmedia-forum.com), Social TV (www.social-tv.net), Enterprise Social Media (www.enterprisesocialmedia.net), and Cloud Computing (www.cloudcomputingcongress.com). These are based around a central exhibition.


Security Risks of Multi-tenancy

To dispel some of the confusion about security and to help people evaluating whether to go multi-tenant, here is a quick overview of the main risks.

By Phil Wainewright for Software as Services | March 18, 2010 | www.zdnet.com/article/security-risks-of-multi-tenancy/

One of the concerns expressed by both users and experts attending Cloud Computing Congress in London this week was the risk of data being exposed to third parties in a multi-tenant environment. There seems to be a lot of confusion on the matter, so I thought it would be useful to blog a quick overview that may be helpful for people evaluating whether to go multi-tenant.

Intuitively, we feel that if our data is physically on the same computer system — or, in a fully multi-tenant stack, actually in the same database — then there has to be a higher risk of data being exposed. Either inadvertently, when for example a software bug or system mulfunction gives access to a user of another system on the same shared infrastructure. Or maliciously, when someone exploits some weakness in the architecture to gain illicit access to data.

In theory, there is some truth in this intuition. But in practice, it depends what level of multi-tenancy we're talking about and how rigorously it has been architected. The theoretical comparison assumes the same security regime in both cases, whereas in real life, the provider of a multi-tenant service is going to put a lot of expertise and resource into making sure its infrastructure is as secure as possible against this kind of data exposure, which would be very bad for its reputation. Most multi-tenant systems are operated to much higher security standards than standalone systems. Look at it this way: in theory, a single house with a fence around it is much more secure than an apartment in a block shared with many other households. In practice, the householders in the apartment block will pool the cost of having a porter on duty 24x7 to control access to the building and monitor security.

There are two main risks to be aware of, depending on what type of infrastructure you're looking at. The first risk applies to a virtualized infrastructure, where a single physical machine hosts many separate virtual machines. There is a theoretical risk that one of the machines in this kind of setup could monitor what its neighbours are doing, burrowing into the underlying infrastructure to bypass security implemented at the software layer. I'm not aware that anyone has shown they've been able to do this in a commercial cloud provider environment, but in theory the risk applies to anything from an infrastructure-as-a-service provider such as Amazon EC2, all the way up to a SaaS provider who is keeping customer data in separate virtual databases.

Some Gartner research that's been publicized this week will fuel the anxieties of those who aren't yet ready to trust multi-tenant clouds, but in fact the detail of the findings bears out what I've said about security measures. Gartner found that 60 percent of virtualized servers will be less secure than the physical servers they replace. But this is not because virtualization is inherently insecure, says Gartner's Neil MacDonald. It's because the people implementing this new, unfamiliar, technology aren't doing it right. "Most virtualized workloads are being deployed insecurely. The latter is a result of the immaturity of tools and processes and the limited training of staff, resellers and consultants," he explains.


"I attended this conference because my brother was working at the venue and he thought that our small online store might benefit from some of the knowledge being passed around during the talks. We run code for a Batman themed t shirt shop called MoonAtMidnight.com where we have some of the best t shirt displays online. I was especially intrigued by the discussions of the risks of being in the cloud on a multi-tenant system, where it's been suggested there might be some security issues if that system were hacked or if a software glitch introduced a vulnerability. We create our own backend tools that help us address housekeeping issues and forensics on site performance, etc. But after hearing from the experts, I'm pretty convinced that a cloud environment is just as safe as any other implementation - the real security is provided by the server/system management. Our Batman themed store would be just as secure as in a dedicated or even shared hosting environment provided the host was properly paying attention to the best practices guidelines. We plan to consider taking our Batman shirts into the cloud and testing the capabilities of a multi-tenant platform especially for the convenience of multinode management and better colocation prospects." Robin (the Joker) Styles



Day One - 15th March

1000-1100 BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT  
  Cloud computing in 2010 and beyond  
  The impact of economic realities  
  Is cloud different from existing computing?  
  Challenges to consider in moving to cloud models?  
  Secruity in the Cloud  
  How is the model different for security?  
  What new risks and threats might be faced?  
  What can be done to deliver security in the cloud?  
  What will the challenges be for assurance?  
  Nick Coleman, Strategic Panel Member  

Magic Software

  Introduction to Cloud Application Platform Development  
bullet2 Connecting to different data sources on and off premise  
bullet2 Developing business logic on and off premise  
bullet2 Empowering end users  
bullet2 Adding rich elements to your cloud solution  
  Richard Runds Senior Technical Architect & Zeev Khazhdan Senior Technical Architect  
1130- 1215 CA  
  Building a Private Cloud  
bullet2 The idea of Cloud Computing is not new. But the required bandwidth and other key technologies such as virtualisation and data center automation have only recently become available at somewhat affordable cost. In the session we look at Cloud Building Blocks, the key components enabling Could Computing. Key among these is of course virtualisation and automation. In this session we will not go too deep into the technical side of the story. We are trying to look at how the Cloud works, in order to be able to organise, manage and automate it.  
  Chris Rae, EMEA Director - Automation Solutions & Tim Norman, Senior Principal Consultant  
1215- 1300


  Getting the best out of the cloud  
  Andy McLoughlin, Co-Founder  
1300-1330 Netbiscuits - 'Mobile Cloud Computing'  
  Why Mobile & Cloud Computing is a perfect fit  
bullet2 High-efficiency mobile Web and App development  
bullet2 Choosing the right strategy for your mobilization  
bullet2 Creating next generation mobile experiences  
bullet2 Successful monetization: ads & transactions rule!  
bullet2 Tools & tips to take development in-house  
  Steffen Schlimmer, Head of Sales Europe  


  Build a website with social networking for customers, employees and more  
  Dirk Schlenzig , CEO  
1400-1430 Surevine  
bullet2 Discover how a joined-up approach to the deployment of Social Tools on your Intranet can increase innovation through unplanned collaboration, reduce the burden of chaotic e-mail communication, and enable the people in your organisation to connect faster and more accurately to the knowledge and people they need to in order to get the job done.  
  Stuart Murdoch, Founder & Director  
1430-1445 MangoSpring  
  Bringing the social communication revolution to business  
  The facebook imperative – How is your enterprise taking advantage of these profound changes?  
  What are specific business problems?  
  How do social networking paradigms solve these business problems?  
  Experience Engage’s offering, benefits and differentiation  
  Anup Kejriwal, CEO/Founder  
  Paul Hanson, V.P. Product Marketing  
1530-1730 CloudStorm @ Cloud Computing Congress  
bullet2 The popular Cloud Summit 'CloudStorm' will be held again in London on the 15th March, co-located at the Cloud Computing Congress.  At CloudStorm, you will receive in 100 minutes an update of the latest trends and products in Cloud Computing, followed by a expo and networking opportunity @ the Cloud Computing Congress.  
bullet2 5 minutes Cloud Vendor presentations on the newest trends in Cloud Computing  
bullet2 Showing the real solutions and products  
bullet2 An optimal mix on vendors: Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Platform, Load Balancers, etc  
bullet2 Drinks and light snacks during and after the presentations  
bullet2 Networking, the key in this event!



Day Two - 16th March





The cost impact of moving email management to the cloud  

Discover the seven ways of saving on email infrastructure by avoiding the costs of on premise archiving. This session will review the essential facts from Forrester Consulting research conducted on behalf of Mimecast. The “Total Economic Impact” research on Mimecast's Unified Email Management solution examines the return on investment of moving email management to the cloud

  Tim Pickard, Chief Marketing Officer, Mimecast  
1100-1130 Microsoft  
  Cloud Computing with Windows Azure  
bullet2 The Windows Azure PaaS offering from Microsoft enables applications built in .NET, Java, Ruby,  PhP, SQL Server, MySQL and more to be run on Microsoft Data Centers. Learn what Azure is capable of doing and why, how and when you should adopt it.  
  Eric Nelson - Cloud Evangelist  



  How to move your applications to the cloud with ease and confidence.  

The issues and concerns with cloud computing and how CohesiveFT have helped organisations large and small adopt public, private and hybrid clouds. 

bullet2 What is slowing the adopting of cloud computing today.  
bullet2 How can you resolved these issues.  
  Chris Purrington, VP International  



bullet2 Workshop Title: "Scaling Your Web App: Work with your database. Don't work around it."  
  Common roadblocks to database scaling for web services inside or outside of the cloud
& Different approaches to resolve them
  John Rainey, President (Europe) & Priya Chandran, Software Engineer   
13.00-13.30 Rackspace  
  Cup of Tea and a slice of Cloud!  
bullet2 You have heard of the hype, but what’s the cloud like in real life?  
bullet2 To test how quickly the cloud can really work, Rackspace will build a cloud website in the time it takes to make a cup of tea!  
bullet2 In this workshop you will get to see a demonstration of Rackspace Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Storage as a Service offerings  
  Matthew Johns, Product Marketing & Russell Clark, Cloud Evangelist  

Magic Software

  Freedom - A Practical Demonstration for hybrid & mobile cloud computing  
bullet2 Develop once for any deployment mode  
bullet2 Expand core functionality to mobile devices for the cloud  
bullet2 Collaborate between on-premise, off-premise and mobile users  
  Richard Runds Senior Technical Architect & Zeev Khazhdan Senior Technical Architect  
1400-1430 Surevine  
bullet2 Discover how a joined-up approach to the deployment of Social Tools on your Intranet can increase innovation through unplanned collaboration, reduce the burden of chaotic e-mail communication, and enable the people in your organisation to connect faster and more accurately to the knowledge and people they need to in order to get the job done.  
  Stuart Murdoch, Founder & Director, Surevine  
14.30-15.00 Informatica  
  Integration: The Key Ingredient to Success in the Cloud  
bullet2 Gartner has called cloud computing the #1 strategic technology initiative in 2010. But as adoption of applications, platforms and infrastructure as a service grows, IT organizations are increasingly focusing on integration as the key ingredient to success in the cloud. This interactive session will provide an overview of the Informatica Cloud and outline a number of use cases, customer success stories and best practices for data integration delivered as a cloud-based service  
bullet2 Andy Bromley, Sales Manager - Informatica Cloud EMEA  


  The results are in!  Where do you stand with the current thinking on Virtualisation, Automation and the Cloud?  
bullet2 Join CA to examine and discuss recent UK survey results which put the adoption of virtualisation and associated IT processes in the spotlight.  Compare yourself to your peers and discuss the inhibitors and challenges to growth in this area, IT maturity and expectations as well as the business use cases which are driving take-up.  How do you fare in your preparation for the internal cloud – how relevant is it to your business and how can you progress successfully?  
  Chris Rae, EMEA Director - Automation Solutions & Tim Norman, Senior Principal Consultant  


  A brief History of the Future - Entering the Cloud Computing Era  
bullet2 How innovation has historically helped organisations progress and how a new wave of innovation in the cloud will impact business growth globally. Why businesses need to embrace the cloud computing era – or get left behind, and illustrations of the benefits of this new on-demand approach and the flexibility it brings to businesses.  
  Ken Greene, Director – Technical Consultancy EMEA



Phil Dunne, Cloud Essentials Specialist, Salesforce.Com

Phil_DunnePhil Dunne has been a dedicated Salesforce.Com evangelist, touring the UK with our enterprise cloud computing CRM Essentials road show. Phil joined the company from SAP/Business Objects in 2007. Having championed the use of Salesforce.Com within Business Objects saw the huge market shift to the cloud.

David Terrar, CEO, D2C Limited and Chair of Intellect SaaS Group
David_TerrarDavid heads up D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting as well as Cloud based solutions for accounting, content, collaboration, and web publishing.    He is Vice Chair of the UK's Intellect Software as a Service Group, and a director of EuroCloud UK.
Andy Steven, Enterprise Cloud Architect, VMware
Andy_StevenAndy is responsible for discussing the “Enterprise Cloud”  journey with EMEA VMware customers, he has over 8 years virtualisation experience and has been involved in small to very large VMware deployments. Key experience has been in regulated computing environments and the processes that need to change in the data centre for a successful deployment. Previous positions in VMware have included Senior Evangelist, before that Andy was a customer of VMware virtualising data centres all over the world for a large multinational organisation.
Phil Wainewright, CEO Procullux Ventures, VP EuroCloud and ZDNet blogger on SaaS

Phil_WainewrightSince 1998, Phil Wainewright has been a thought leader in cloud computing as a blogger, analyst and consultant. His newest role as an industry advocate is as vice-president of EuroCloud. He is best known for his Software as Services blog on ZDNet, and also blogs on The Connected Web at eBizQ, covering topics from cloud to social media.

Mark Briggs, CIO, Essex County Council

Mark_BriggsMark is currently CIO of Essex County Council. He joined ECC as a consultant in May 2006 and was appointed CIO just over a year ago.

His major achievement at Essex to date has been overseeing the successful in-sourcing of their IT operation, which was outsourced to BT Global Services, without any significant issues or problems.

Mostafa Afifi, Virtualisation Engineer, Morgan Stanley
Mostafa_AfifiMostafa Afifi is Virtualisation Engineer at Morgan Stanley, where he balances his time between selling Virtualisation & Cloud Computing’s benefits, and engineering a solution that can meet the demands of a very competitive business.  His focus has been on business cases, return on investment, and on ensuring that virtualisation brings operational benefits.
Stephan Haux, Senior Product Manager – EMEA, Iron Mountain Digital
Stephan_HauxStephan Haux is Senior Product Manager for EMEA at Iron Mountain Digital. Haux oversees EMEA activities for determining market requirements, for going to market across Iron Mountain Digitals product and service portfolio. Haux frequently speaks at events, briefs journalists and engages with the analyst community in all parts of the world. Before Haux joined Iron Mountain held various international positions at SAS for example as Team Leader and Product Manager.
Phil Dean, IT Strategy Manager, Cisco Europe

Phil_DeanPhil Dean has worked for Cisco for fifteen years and is responsible for Cisco’s technology vision and architectures in Cisco’s European Theatre.

Phil started his career as an electronics engineer at EMI in the team which developed the x-ray CT scanner but has since worked in the IT and communications industry for over 20 years in management roles across product development, product management and IT strategy. 

Jason Hart, Senior Vice President, CRYPTOCard

Jason_HartAs a former ethical hacker with seventeen years experience in the Information Security industry, Jason has used his knowledge and expertise to create technologies that ensure organisations stay one step ahead of the security game.  Jason continues to raise the profile of Information Security risks and solutions, including the introduction of the term CSO (Chief Security Officer) within business.

Boris Devouge, Sales Engineer, Canonical
Boris_DevougeWith over five years of field experience working with customers on Linux-based implementations in the UK and Europe, Boris Devouge is an expert in virtualization, cloud technologies and migrations. Prior to joining Canonical, Boris worked as a senior solution architect at Red Hat and a technical support engineer at Hewlett-Packard.
Scott Dobson, Managing Director, Cloud Distribution Ltd

Scott_DobsonA well connected, experienced and highly motivated industry professional with over 20 years of experience selling complex, high margin communications solutions to enterprise clients via EMEA channels. These channels include Service Providers, PTT's, Telcos, distributors and Systems Integrators.

Equally at home within a start-up or established vendor, Scott’s core skills are in building a team of aggressive individuals (sales, pre-sales, marketing etc.) to generate high yield in the shortest possible time frame throughout EMEA via the channels above.

Jon Beck, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development, OpSource
Jon_BeckAn industry veteran of sixteen years, Mr. Beck currently manages the global sales, client services and business development teams at OpSource.  Prior to OpSource he served in various senior management positions at Critical Path, Netcom (acquired by EarthLink), Global Center (acquired by Exodus), and Genuity (acquired by Level 3 Communications) and most recently as COO at Pandora Networks, a leading VoIP messaging company where he managed marketing and field operations in the U.S. and U.K.
Tim Pickard, Chief Marketing Officer, Mimecast

Tim_PickardTim is an experienced networking and security industry expert who joined Mimecast from RSA Security where he held the position of Area Vice President, International Marketing. Prior to RSA he was Business Development Director for networking company 3Com.

He is a forward thinking marketing leader with a track record of high performance in corporate strategy, marketing, sales channels and communications.

Simon Abrahams, EMEA Head of Product Marketing, Rackspace

Simon_AbrahamsSimon Abrahams is Head of Product Marketing for Rackspace EMEA, with ownership of the EMEA product strategy, market positioning, and delivery of all new products. In this role Simon is responsible for aligning Rackspace’s product innovation initiatives with the needs of European customers, as part of Rackspace’s Fanatical Support commitment.

David Akka, MD, Magic Software Enterprises UK, Eire & Nordics

David_AkkaMr David Akka M.Sc, MBA, is the Managing Director of Magic Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd. Mr Akka has been with Magic Software since 1998 and is considered one of the organisation’s foremost authorities on Cloud computing and SOA methodologies.

Prior to working with Magic Software, David held the position of CTO, Service Delivery Manager and worked in several Management Consulting roles.

Chris Rae, EMEA Director, Automation Solutions, CA
Chris_RaeChris Rae has been working in IT for over 20 years. He began his career as a lecturer in Mainframe PL1 programming techniques. After two years he moved into sales of Mainframe solutions where he first had exposure to Virtualisation. Over the length of his career he has gained experience in many diverse areas such as Mainframe Systems Management Tools, Distributed Systems Availability Technology, and SAP support solutions.
Dion Hinchcliffe


Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized business strategist and enterprise architect who has worked for over twenty years bringing innovative solutions to clients in the Global 2000, federal government, and Internet startup community.

Kenneth Verlage, CIO, DHL Express

Kenneth_VerlageKenneth Verlage joined DHL in 1991 and has held numerous management positions within the DHL Group. His solid management skills combined with a hard won experience of strategic change projects have made him a highly regarded senior manager. In 2001 Kenneth went into a CIO role creating a totally re-designed IT-solution for DHL in the Nordics.

Adrian Steel, Head of Infrastructure Management, Royal Mail

Adrian_SteelAdrian has entered his 25th year inside the IT industry, his career thus far has been wide and varied...... Adrian's early career very much focussed on detail technical support of Local and Central Government majoring in Microsoft technology stacks, natually branching out and majoring on automation and toolsets providing significant inroads to reduce service outages and incident volumes.

Adrian Davey, Head of IT, Tube Lines

Adrian_DaveyAdrian Davey is Head of IT for Tube Lines, a position he has held since 2005. Tube Lines maintains the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Northern lines on the London Underground as part of a 30 year PPP contract awarded in 2003.  Between them the lines carry over 1 million passengers per day. Adrian is accountable for the development of the IS and IT strategy and enabling technology to support the maintenance activities and upgrade programmes on the three lines. The focus over the last two years has been on information visibility using enterprise 2.0 technology approaches and Green IT.

Bill Ashraf, Director of Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Sussex


Bill Ashraf is Director of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Sussex.  He is currently heading up the strategy at Sussex for e-/technology enhanced learning, student facing educational support technology and is the "owner" of the moodle based VLE.

Andrew Charlesworth, Director of the Centre for IT & Law, University of Bristol
Andrew_Charlesworth_100x120Andrew Charlesworth is Reader in IT Law in the School of Law and Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, where he is the Director of the cross-disciplinary Centre for IT & Law. His key areas of research include data privacy, intellectual property, and e-commerce. 
Eachan Fletcher, CIO, Sporting Index

Eachan_FletcherEachan spent his early career in consultancies where he indulged his fascination with technology in industries such as Insurance, Banking, Telecoms, and Defence.  His work delivered several Microsoft reference sites for enterprise integrations.

Moving out of the corporate and into the web Eachan spent 5 years with Betfair as Chief Architect and leading development teams.  Since joining Sporting Index in 2009 as CIO he has been refreshing the technology stack with grid computing patterns and delivering new business-to-business products.

David Wilde, CIO, Westminster City Council

David_Wilde_Westminster100x120Currently CIO for Westminster City Council, David is driving forward an exciting new IS strategy based on the principles of customer centric service delivery, a   zero infrastructure technology environment and transformational change.

Paul James, CIO, Dstl - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Paul_JamesMr James joined the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in 1997 and is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

As CIO, Mr James is responsible for Knowledge and Information Services (KIS) and the systems and processes that support KIS.  Mr James has been responsible for the transformation of Dstl’s knowledge and Information services and how these are delivered to enable the business and the wider MOD. Mr James has provided the transformational vision and successfully lead delivery of that transformation.



Info Cloud Computing Congress


15th and 16th March 2010, 08:00 am -17.30pm


Cloud Computing Congress, will be taking place at Olympia Conference Centre:



Olympia Conference Centre
Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX



Hilton London Olympia Hotel

380 Kensington High Street London W14 8NL, United Kingdom

We are pleased to have partnered with The Hilton London Olympia Hotel to offer all Cloud Computing Congress visitors a discounted room rate for the 14th, 15th & 16th March 2010.

We only have a limited number of rooms reserved, so we do recommend making your reservation soon!

Room Rates:

Hilton Guest Double/Twin

Single occupancy          £105.00 per room excluding VAT & English Breakfast

Double Occupancy        £115.00 per room excluding VAT & English Breakfast

To Book:

To take advantage of the above discounted room rates simply contact  Julie Allen on +44 (0) 207 856 1902 or email Julie.allen (@) hilton.com and quote ASNE.

If you do not quote this promotional code at the time of booking your will not receive the event hotel rate.

The Hilton London Olympia hotel on bustling Kensington High Street, 2 minutes' walk from Olympia Exhibition Centre with Heathrow Airport just 14 miles away.  The hotel has many facilities - contemporary Plum Grill, socialize at Plum Bar or watch the match at Plum Sports Lounge. The Hilton will also host the events pre networking get2gether on the evening of the 14th March within the Plum Bar.

How to get there?

By Tube
For all halls at Olympia, travel to Kensington Olympia on the District line from Earls Court station.

For the latest tube travel information go to: www.tfl.gov.uk

By Car
From M1/A1/M11/A10 take the A406 westbound to A4. Continue on A4 over Hammersmith Flyover, turn left onto the B317 (North End Road) and follow signs.

From M4/A4 follow directions as above.

From A3/M3 follow signs for central London, take Wandsworth or Putney Bridges.
From Wandsworth Bridge, turn left onto New Kings Road, turn right onto Fulham High Street, which becomes Fulham Palace Road. At Hammersmith roundabout turn right onto Hammersmith Road and follow signs.
From Putney Bridge, turn left onto Fulham Palace Road and follow directions as above.

From M2/M20/A2 follow signs to central London, take Blackfriars, London, Waterloo, Vauxhall, Southwark, Chelsea or Battersea Bridges, turn left along Embankment and follow signs.

From A12/A13 follow signs for central London towards Tower or London Bridge. Do not cross bridge, instead continue along Embankment and follow signs.

Click here for information about parking at Olympia.

By Air
Olympia is easily accessible from London’s four airports – Heathrow, Gatwick Stansted and City Airport – via underground and mainline rail services.
Heathrow Airport
Take the Piccadilly line to Earls Court. For Olympia, change onto the District Line to Kensington Olympia.

Alternatively take the Heathrow Express to Paddington and change onto the District Line to Earls Court.

General enquiries 0870 0000 123


Gatwick Airport
You can take the Gatwick Express to Victoria and change onto the District Line to Earls Court and Olympia.

Alternatively train services run through Clapham Junction where you can change onto a direct train to Earls Court or Kensington Olympia.

General enquiries 0870 000 2468


Stansted Airport
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General enquiries 0870 0000 303


City Airport
Take the Docklands Light Railway from City Airport to Canning Town. Change onto the Jubilee Line Westbound to Westminster. At Westminster, change onto the District Line Westbound to Earls Court.

General enquiries: 020 7646 0088